My career covers the design, integration and test of systems, software and hardware, from space to microchips!


* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Creating a wide range of documents and giving presentations
* Liaising with customers/contractors, both on-site and remotely
* All aspects of requirements engineering
* Systems engineering
* Automated test hardware and software
* GUI and human-machine interface design
* Embedded software development and real-time operating systems
* Satellite and space robotics operation and communications
* Web development, photography, graphic design and image processing
* Versatile systems / software / hardware engineering experience and skill set


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Embedded Software Engineer
FEB 2006 - MAR 2007
* Developed system integration, test and release plans
* Developed automated test hardware and software
* Updated software development process
* Provided liaison with Bangalore office

Product Design Engineer
SEP 2000 - DEC 2005
* Designed, coded in VHDL and Verilog, and tested logic blocks for six chips
* Lead team to evaluate requirements tool and process
* Developed at-speed and characterization test vectors
* Updated hardware development process

Systems Engineer
SED Systems
JUL 1989 - SEP 2000
* Developed automated test equipment for Canadian space station robotics:
   o Canadarm2 system, video cameras, joints and end-effectors (hands)
   o Mobile Base System video cameras and end-effector
   o SPDM (“Canada Hand”) joints and end-effectors
   o Developed proposals, estimates, test plans
   o Participated in contract negotiations
   o Developed all requirements
   o Prepared hazard analyses and failure modes and effects analyses
   o Lead technical teams from proposals to deliveries
   o Supervised all aspects of hardware/software design and documentation
   o Designed, coded and tested scripts to test all robotics
   o Supported acceptance testing at Spar Aerospace and NASA
   o Provided liaison with Spar Aerospace (now MDRobotics) in Toronto
   o Provided on-site test support at Kennedy Space Center in Florida
* Developed, integrated and tested an antijamming programmable HF adaptive receiving system for the Canadian military, and manufactured 15 units
* Designed and partially coded a satellite TCP/IP network traffic simulation and analysis test bed (hired at PMC-Sierra before completion)

Electronics Engineer
SED Systems
JAN 1986 - JUL 1989
* Developed test software for a mass spectrometer payload; supported integration, test and launch in Ottawa, Tokyo and the Kagoshima Space Center
* Developed, integrated and tested satellite network embedded software; designed and implemented a custom satellite communications protocol
* Developed requirements, designs and operational scenarios for two military proposals

Electronics Engineer
Saskatoon Cancer Clinic
MAY 1981 - SEP 1985
* Developed instruments to acquire 2D and 3D patient topology using ultrasonic transducers and moire interferometry
* Developed image processing software to analyze X-ray images

Research Assistant
EE Department, U of S
Summer 1979/1980
* Developed algorithms to display, analyze and transform Landsat images for map overlays


Project Engineering
* Technical proposals, cost estimates, staff loading estimates, subcontracts, compliance matrices, action logs and schedules
* Presentations to engineers, teachers and students, with audiences up to 300
* Technical leader for project teams of up to 30 personnel
* Section head, responsible for personnel evaluations
* Requirements engineering: elicitation, management, analysis, specification, validation

* Interface control documents
* User manuals
* Trade-off studies
* Failure modes and effects analyses
* Safety plans
* Hazard analyses
* Engineering change requests/orders
* Review item dispositions
* Development plans
* System / hardware / software:
   o Design control procedures
   o Coding guidelines
   o Requirements specifications
   o Test plans/procedures
   o Design documents
* MIL-STD-490A Specification Practices compliance

Chip Design and Test
* Languages
   o Verilog
   o VHDL
   o TCL
* Tools
   o CVS
   o Cadence NC-Sim / HAL (linter)
   o Synopsys DC / PC / PT
   o TransEDA vNavigator (code coverage)
   o Mentor Fastscan
   o PMC Register Design Automation (XML)
   o Synchronicity DesignSync
   o Platform LSF
   o Tinderbox

Hardware Development and Test
* Interfaces
   o Ethernet
   o ATM
   o Telecombus
   o VXI/VMEbus
   o IEEE-488
   o MIL-STD-1553B
* Deliverables
   o Automated test equipment
   o Embedded PCs
   o DSPs
   o HF receivers
   o Programmable DC power supplies/loads
   o Image processing systems
   o Video generator
   o Video / MIL-STD-1553B analyzers
* Equipment
   o DSOs
   o ICE
   o LAN / protocol / logic / spectrum / VXIbus / video analyzers

Software Development and Test
* Languages
   o TCL/TK
   o C
   o HTML
   o XML
   o REXX (TCL precursor)
   o Pascal
   o Assembler
* Operating Systems
   o Linux
   o Windows
   o OS/2
   o Unix
   o VxWorks
   o LynxOS
   o VRTX
* Applications
   o Microsoft Word / Excel / Access / Visio / PowerPoint
   o Telelogic DOORS
   o Adobe Photoshop / GoLive / Premiere
   o Mathsoft MathCAD
* Web development
   o See links


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), with distinction
University of Saskatchewan, 1981



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Embedded Software Engineer, PMC-Sierra

Athena SDK System ITR
February 2006 - March 2007
* Developed Athena embedded software developer’s kit:
   o System integration, test and release plan
   o System test plan
   o Automated test hardware and software (“regression farm”)
* Updated PMC software process
* Provided system ITR liaison with Bangalore Design Center
* The PMC Saskatoon design centre was closed down at the end of March 2007

Product Design Engineer, PMC-Sierra

Athena I/O Characterization Vectors
October - December 2005
* Developed AC scan input/output characterization vectors for Athena chip

Athena Clock Manager
April 2005 - January 2006
* Designed, coded in Verilog and verified the Athena home gateway chip Clock Manager top level block

Duplex-GE EFAM
January 2004 - March 2005
* Designed, coded in VHDL and verified the Duplex Gigabit Ethernet chip Egress FIFO and Address Mapper block
* In parallel, lead requirements tool and process evaluation, using the Ethernet Subsystem for a trial run

January - December 2003
* Designed/updated four blocks for the TBS-2488 (Telecom Bus Serializer) chip
* Handed the development off to the Ottawa design center and provided follow-up support

TSE-240 At-Speed Vectors
November - December 2002
* Developed data management input/output loopback at-speed test vectors for TSE-240 (Transmission Switch Element) chip

June - October 2002
* Designed, coded in VHDL and verified the TSE-240 chip Low Bandwidth Transport Overhead Extract block, reusing the low speed portions of the TOHE design

August 2001 - July 2002
* Designed, coded in VHDL and verified the TSE-Nx160 chip Transport Overhead Aggregator and Extractor block
* Supported development of a new Synopsys Physical Compiler flow using the TOHE

Vortex-64 IFGM
September 2000 - July 2001
* Designed, coded in VHDL and verified the Vortex-64 chip Ingress FIFO and Gang Manager block
* Project was cancelled during IFGM verification, due to lack of customer traction

Systems Engineer, SED Systems

March - September 2000
* Designed and partially coded a Traffic Simulation and Analysis Subsystem for TCP/IP statistics tracking of a Telesat satellite network test bed
* Hired at PMC-Sierra before project completion

CSSP UTS Upgrades
November 1999 - January 2000
* Upgraded the Unit Test Sets for the Canadian Space Station Program (CSSP)
* Support was added for the Special-Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) Orbital Replacement Unit/Tool Change-Out Mechanisms (OTCM) and Joints
* Updates were made for the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) Latching End Effectors (LEE) and Joints
* Supported software development, updated documents, assisted with OTCM test script code and tests at MDRobotics (formerly Spar Aerospace) in Toronto

CSSP Video Camera Tests
September 1998 - March 2000
* Developed System Test Center test software for SSRMS and Mobile Base System (MBS) video camera tests
* Successfully completed SSRMS video acceptance tests at Spar Aerospace and the NASA Space Station Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida

October 1997 - December 1999
* Developed an antijamming Programmable High Frequency Adaptive Receiving System for the Department of National Defense
* PHFARS included four antennas/receivers, a multiprocessor DSP, an embedded processor and two custom-built VXIbus cards for calibration and audio functions
* Produced requirements, designed and developed the production system including the remote control protocol and GUI
* Prepared test plan, test procedures and equipment manual
* Completed manufacture, integration and test for 15 units

November 1997 - May 1998
* Updated System Test Center to support changes to the Mobile Base System
* Successfully completed MBS acceptance testing at Spar Aerospace

CSSP SSRMS System Tests
July 1996 - January 1998
* Designed, coded and tested System Test Center test software to test the SSRMS
* Successfully completed acceptance tests of the SSRMS at Spar Aerospace
* Stationed at Spar Aerospace half-time during this period

March 1992 - June 1996
* Designed and developed Ground Support Equipment used to test CSSP Mobile Servicing System SSRMS, MBS and SPDM
* Developed requirements, prepared technical proposal and cost estimates, assisted customer negotiations, prepared hazard analyses and failure modes and effects analyses
* Supervised all aspects of technical development through to delivery of the System Test Center and other GSE to Spar Aerospace
* Successfully completed System Test Center acceptance tests at Spar Aerospace

March 1991 - March 1992
* Designed and developed LEE Unit Test Set prototype
* Assisted customer negotiations, developed technical proposal, cost estimates, requirements, test plans, system verification plan and system verification procedure
* Supervised all aspects of technical development through to delivery to Spar Aerospace

CSSP GSE Liaison
July 1989 - March 1991
* Posted at Spar Aerospace in Toronto to provide liaison to SED Systems for Ground Support Equipment development
* Developed requirements and design for the Motor Module Test Set and Unit Test Sets

Electronics Engineer, SED Systems

April - July 1989
* Developed requirements, design and operational scenarios of the Functional Advanced Development Model of an EHF Satellite System for Evaluation and Test for the military

March - April 1989
* Developed system specifications for the Low Level Air Defense Battery Command Post for the military

May 1987 - March 1989
* Designed and developed software and monitoring GUI, integrated and tested the Suprathermal and Energetic Ion Mass Spectrometer satellite payload for the National Research Council
* Supported integration and test activities at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science in Tokyo and at the Kagoshima Space Center
* Supported prelaunch activities until SMS was successfully launched on the Japanese EXOS-D satellite in February 1989

January 1986 - April 1987
* Designed, developed, integrated and tested remote station and outdoor unit software for the Low Cost Earth Station
* Designed and implemented a custom communications protocol for this satellite network

Electronics Engineer, Saskatoon Cancer Clinic

Moire Contourograph
January 1984 - September 1985
* Designed, developed and constructed a computerized optical instrument that acquired and analyzed human body surface topology using moire interferometry, to assist in radiotherapy planning

Radiographic Image Processor
January - September 1985
* Developed image processing software to assist analysis of radiographic images

Patient Positioning System
April 1982 - December 1983
* Designed, developed and constructed computerized system to assist 3D positioning of patients for radiotherapy treatments using ultrasonic transducers

Ultrasonic Digitizer
May - August 1981
* Designed, developed and constructed a computerized 2D and 3D digitizer using ultrasonic transducers

Research Assistant, Electrical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan

Landsat Image Processing
Summer 1979 / 1980
* Developed image processing and analysis software for Landsat data
* Developed map overlay transform algorithm based on ground truth points